On wants and needs.

Mummy! Did you see these pumpkin pyjamas?

Yes, I did – they’re pretty neat.

I would like them.

Well, they’re not on our list for today – and I think those are actually glow-in-the-dark PJs. You were a little scared of those last year.

I am not so scared of them this year!

That’s great! 

Would you buy them for me since I am not scared?

Nope – they’re not on our list.

What about these ones with the skeleton on them. I know you like skeletons!

Cal, are you just pointing to various things because you want me to buy you something?

[She considers.] Um, yes.

Is that a good reason to buy something?

No. I don’t really need these. I only wanted them.

Cool! So shall we move on with the list?



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