On Gilgamesh.

[Allie is about to begin her study of the Epic of Gilgamesh.]

So, kiddo – you get to read Gilamesh tomorrow!


I mean, not the whole thing – it’s quite long.

Right. Obviously. IT IS AN EPIC, AFTER ALL. [Rolls eyes.]

On bananas.

Hello, banana-friend. In spite of your exterior, you do not have a single blemish inside your skin.

And now, I am going to eat you.

On multi-tasking.

I’m going to the bathroom to read my sonnet.

On the scientific method.


I have queries, but no theories.

On Jeremy Irons.

[Upon discovering some casting details for Batman vs. Superman…]

But Jeremy Irons was Henry IV – WHAT is he doing in a DC movie?

On literature.

If I ever write a book, I will be sure to write one with an unhappy ending.

Oh! Why is that?

It will leave something for the sequel.

On being born.

[Today is Allie’s birthday. She usually asks to hear her birth story at some point, and I was about halfway through, when…]

I really love my Origin Story.