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On mistakes.

Ugh! I am feeling wholly dysfunctional today.

On bananas.

Hello, banana-friend. In spite of your exterior, you do not have a single blemish inside your skin.

And now, I am going to eat you.

On blue.

This little dog has a lovely cyan collar.

On plans.

Mum, can we talk about my sleepover at Gram’s this week sometime soon?


I feel it is important to come to a consensus on a few points.

On the human thesaurus.

[I hand Allie a new mechanical pencil.]

Oh! Look at you, my little purple pencil… You are so pristine, so immaculate, so unsullied!

On leaving one’s room.

UGH, yes! Let’s go. For I need to get out of this pestilential place!

On me being annoying.

[I am joking around with Allie, conducting conversations based entirely in movie quotes.]

Mu-uuuuuum! Can you stop it with the allusions?