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On mistakes.

Ugh! I am feeling wholly dysfunctional today.

On bananas.

Hello, banana-friend. In spite of your exterior, you do not have a single blemish inside your skin.

And now, I am going to eat you.

On blue.

This little dog has a lovely cyan collar.

On plans.

Mum, can we talk about my sleepover at Gram’s this week sometime soon?


I feel it is important to come to a consensus on a few points.

On the human thesaurus.

[I hand Allie a new mechanical pencil.]

Oh! Look at you, my little purple pencil… You are so pristine, so immaculate, so unsullied!

On leaving one’s room.

UGH, yes! Let’s go. For I need to get out of this pestilential place!

On me being annoying.

[I am joking around with Allie, conducting conversations based entirely in movie quotes.]

Mu-uuuuuum! Can you stop it with the allusions?

On the intricacies of regurgitation.

[I am feeling a little weird in the digestive system.] Hm. I nearly vomited just now.

Did you have bile?

Nope. Just some vomit right up in my throat.

I find that bile is often the precursor to vomit.

On observations.

[Allie is doing an online spelling exercise that includes a talking cat who reads out the words for her to spell, often in context to indicate homonyms.]

Huh. I’m not sure this cat would be such a good conversationalist.

Oh, no?

Pretty much all his sentences are non sequiturs.

On being careful, poetically.

[Allie has climbed part-way up a large tree in the park.]

Hey Mum! I am wearing sandals today so I could take but a few tentative steps up this tree.

On the comforts of ocular compliance.

Sometimes my glasses are a great comfort to me. Not only is it more comfortable to have them when I am reading, when I put my hand up to my face and feel their smooth caress, it is very pleasant.

On losing one’s train of thought, hilariously.

Wait! WUT? What was my penultimate point going to be? Arg! I forget!!!!!!!