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On presents #1.

[We have been trying to get Grandy’s awesome keyboard to work – but it looks like the original batteries leaked and damaged it beyond repair]

Mummy – I think maybe it does not work at all.

You might be right, Pascale – I’m sorry to say.

Maybe… it’s time for pretend piano instead!

[She reaches for the keys and does the full-on Jerry Lee Lewis, laughing gleefully. This goes on for many minutes. The keyboard, while non-functional, is a hit.]

On the inauguration of an alarm clock.

Mummy. I think we should go get Dad.

He’s still sleeping – why do you want him to wake up?

I would like to have a ceremony.

Oh. What kind of ceremony?

A clock ceremony. To welcome the alarm clock.

[She walks over to the clock.]

Hello, Moonbeam – from now on…. you will be my alarm clock!

[She gives it an encouraging pat]

There. It is welcomed.