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On the death of a laptop.

Goodnight, sweet computer. You had a long, hard-working life. Sleep well.

[Pulls plug]

On swimming.

[Allie is getting into an unheated pool.]

[Sigh] I was really hoping for more of a controlled descent…


On multi-tasking.

I’m going to the bathroom to read my sonnet.

On the scientific method.


I have queries, but no theories.

On William Carlos Williams.

[The assignment: write a poem in the style of William Carlos Williams.]

The New Book

I sit in my room
and open the book.

The spine creaks and groans
and the pages flit-flit-flit as I turn them.

I wonder
about the strange names and places
as I study the map in the front.

The smell
is so reassuring, and as I breathe it in

I think
this is going to be

On tidying.

Hey, dude! I noticed you put away your laundry – nice work.

It’s no big deal. I did it last night, at Dad’s behest.

On gardening.

What are you up to, kiddo?

I am currently tending to our grass.

On poetical speech.

[We are discussing Black Widow’s past as an enemy agent and her transition to being a member of the Avengers.]

Ah. So her past history is quite … stained.