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On the fourth/fifth estate.

[We have been discussing the events in Ferguson.]

They are arresting JOURNALISTS?! That is completely wrong!

On playing house.

Can you print me off some pictures and information about kitchen stuff? I need to learn a few things.

Oh, like what?

Like about cooking – you know, now that I’m a Mum.

Oh! Er – do you feel like that kind of thing would be your responsibility?

Well, I’m a single-parent so… yes. Obviously, if there’s no other parent, I need to be good at everything.

How interesting.

Yeah, I just went to the sperm bank. [A pause]

It seemed simpler.

On holy crap, it’s 4am, kid.

[Pascale crawls into bed with us in the night.]

Mummy. I would like to die doing what I love.

[Oh, brother. Really must wake up for this one.]

That sounds like a good plan. Do you want to talk about it?

I want to try hard. I want to make sure I help people and so that when my life is finished I will be happy.

On the great relief of successful positive propaganda.

Mummy. The girls at my school only play princess and it is boring.

On foreign policy.

Mummy, why aren’t you going to get The Walrus* anymore?

Well, I was disappointed with it. I wanted it to be better than it was – more in-depth, more rigorous, you know?


Plus, Dad bought me Foreign Policy for Christmas, instead.



What’s foreign policy?

Do you mean Foreign Policy, the magazine? Or foreign policy, the concept.

[A beat.]

Foreign policy, the concept.

Good stuff – always go for the big question straightaway. You know how there are many more countries than Canada in the world?


Well, foreign policy describes the way the countries talk to each other. It’s sort of like at school – you have some friends who know all your secrets, and some who don’t.

Oh. So what is it called if Canada wanted to talk to Nova Scotia? That’s a province, not a country.

That’s domestic policy.

Ok! So that’s like when I talk to you or Dad.
*The Canadian current-affairs magazine.