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On stating the obvious.

[Allie has been very quiet, working away on a project at the table.]

Hey, bud – what’s up?

[She gives me a dark look and says in a quiet, deadpan voice]

I am having sweet fun.

On jokes and isotopes.

I wanted to capture a little video of Allie drawing since she’s made such strides this year. I wasn’t counting on the hilariousness. 


On why it’s so dark in here.

Nooooooooo! Don’t turn on the light. I LIKE IT MOLE-DARK!

On parental weirdness.

I do not want to change my shirt just yet.

How come? Are you worried you’ll be cold?


Hmm – how about I put your fresh shirt under my shirt to warm it up. [I put it under my top and rub it a little and then reach for the kid] And then… I’ll warm you up a bit [I hug her and rub her arms and back a bit]

Mummy, this is very peculiar.