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On revelations.

You know what, Mum? I feel like I’ve been so focused on the potential for walking the dog with our neighbour that I’ve been letting the days pass by without enjoying them properly.

[Becomes deadly serious.]


Which is particularly bad, because I don’t think she really even meant it when she offered.

On truth.

Fools aren’t born… They’re made.

On the harsh realities.

The world just really isn’t set up for people like our family.

On What The Hell?

[Allie has been blasting Adele’s “21” on repeat. She pauses and comes into the office.]

You know, the lyrics to these songs don’t sound like an actual adult. They are more dramatic and immature – kind of like a teenager. I mean, I still like it, but…

On utilitarianism.

Hey, bean. Can I take this plate downstairs when I go?

Sure – and thanks!

Did you want me to leave this last apple slice for you?

Nah. [A pause]

It’s been in my ear.

On patience.

Mummy. Just as a matter of interest, when will you be finished your work?

On body-image.

[We are walking past a series of shop windows. We pass a bathing suit shop with a display of mannequins in bikinis in provocative poses.]


Pardon? Sorry, kid, did you just say something? It was very quiet.

It wasn’t very nice – never mind.

Did you just say, “Show-offs?”

Yes. [Shifts uncomfortably.]

What made you say that?

The mannequins back there. They are standing in the most ridiculous way – as if they are better than us – which they ARE NOT. They’re so slender, they wouldn’t even have room for their organs if they were real.

That is a very interesting observation.

I mean, honestly. Human bodies have 78 organs – and those mannequins would have nowhere to put them all.