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On my work here is done.

[I start the car, and CNN lights up on the satellite radio.]

You know, Mum, just for future reference, I really do prefer the BBC.

On the unknown knowables.

[We are driving, so cue the heavy conversation.]

What’s up, buddy?

I have so many questions in my mind. Even more than you.

That wouldn’t surprise me. Is there anything in particular you are wondering about?

I know that there are things I want to know, but some of those things are things I don’t even know I want to know because I don’t know about them yet.

[A pause] Like, I am interested in everything I hear about, but I know I haven’t heard of everything there is. That makes it difficult to know where to start – it is a dilemma.

On gregariousness.

[We are driving home from school. Cal is looking out the window.]

Mummy. When I see people who I have not met, I wonder about who they are and what their lives are like.

And I want to meet them all.

On the best game you can name.

[We are driving home from Mississauga, in possession of a box of hockey cards from Steve’s youth. They are neatly filed in binder-sized plastic sheets.]

Daddy. May I see one of those?

Sure – here you go! [He passes a sheet back – there is a pause.]

Are these players still playing?

No – these are all from when I was collecting as a kid.

Where did you find the cards, originally?

They sold them at convenience stores, mostly. I would get some whenever I had enough money.


[I think I know where she’s heading with this. I interject.]

Are you thinking you’d like to start your own collection?

Yes. [A beat.] I love hockey. [Another beat.] It’s the best game EVER!

On the subject of backseat driving.

Mummy, “Please do not block the driveway”.

[I … am POSITIVE I didn’t read that sign aloud.]

Pardon, P?

Mummy – it says “Please do not block the driveway” – on the sign.

Did you read that???

Yes. [She says, complacently]

[We get out of the car and walk back to the pole with the sign. There’s also a No Parking sign below it, but P points directly at the correct one.]

[Squealing with laughter] I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD READ!!!!