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On the work undone.

[It’s time to turn out the lights after bedtime reading. Allie sits up in her sleep and mumbles…]

I’ve been working on it… I’ve been working on it…

I know, buddy. you can rest now.

On concessions #2.

[We are getting up late after a night interrupted by sickness.]

Hey P – how’s the potty situation? Do you need to go before we leave for school?

No, I’m ok.

Are you sure?

I went already. [She indicates the dry, abandoned diaper on the floor.]

I know! That’s so great you went by yourself in the night. Do you remember how long ago it was?


Do you remember getting up and going?


Can you give it a shot? For me?

Wellll… [She grudgingly wanders over to the potty and gets going on it.] Apparently, I love you.

On concessions.

[Steve is trying to negotiate her into bed. It’s glass-of-water stage]

I do not want that glass.

This is the one we have.

I would like the one with the polar bear on it.

Nope. It’s this glass or nothing.

[Heavy, dramatic sigh] If you insist… [Takes glass, and that’s that.]