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On Gilgamesh.

[Allie is about to begin her study of the Epic of Gilgamesh.]

So, kiddo – you get to read Gilamesh tomorrow!


I mean, not the whole thing – it’s quite long.

Right. Obviously. IT IS AN EPIC, AFTER ALL. [Rolls eyes.]

On literature.

If I ever write a book, I will be sure to write one with an unhappy ending.

Oh! Why is that?

It will leave something for the sequel.

On being a weirdo.

I’m taking my dictionary to camp today.


Sometimes there’s a little time before things get started and I’d like to get in some new words while I wait.

On book appreciation.

[Allie is reading The Miserable Mill, the 4th book in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.]


Oh, man… I can’t stop laughing!

On sleep rage.

Ha, so kiddo – last night when I came in to turn out your light I had to pry your book out from under you – your face and hand were actually a little stuck to it!

Did I wake up and berate you for taking my book?

Uh, nope – you’re always very sweet – while you’re sleeping.

On surreal (and wonderful) play dates.

[Allie and her friend are downstairs in the play room. Her Shakespearean Voice suddenly pierces the air…]

O true apothecary! [Giggling]

Thy drugs are quick. [More giggling]

Thus with a kiss… [Highly exaggerated smooching sounds]

I …. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [A loud thump / Hysterical giggling]