On reading. Any reading.

[It’s the holidays. I am trying to sit and read a book, while others LEGO around me.]

Mummy. Could you read to me?

I don’t think I will right now, Bean. I’m quite interested in my own book.

That’s what I meant. Could you read your book out loud to me?

My book is about families with children who are very different than their parents. Right now I’m reading a chapter about schizophrenia – which is a kind of mental illness. It’s very tough on everyone.

Ooooh. Could you read to me about schizophrenia?

OK. [I take a moment to recap the chapter so far]

Mummy. Could you start reading from the actual book?

[We go on to read about 50 pages – and I know I haven’t heard the last of this…]


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