On inching toward the big question.

Mummy. How does the egg start going?

Which egg, can you be more specific?

The one that becomes a fetus. I have all my eggs in me right now, but they’re not growing. What makes them grow?

Oh! The egg is in the mother, but it needs a cell from the dad to start growing and dividing.

That’s mitosis. Like cancer cells, but normal.


Dads don’t have eggs. What do they have?

Their cells are called sperm. 

That’s a funny name – ssssssperrrrrrrmmmmmm.

Hah! I agree, it is funny. You know what’s even funnier about them?


They have little tiny tails and they swim just like tadpoles.

That is hilarious!

Yep. Then they connect up with the egg and the whole process starts.

But… how do they get in [points to her uterus] HERE?!

Oh, right! That’s what the penis is for. It does two things – urine and sperm.

[Face lights up.] Ok!


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