On the shock of my life and a wise little kid.

[I come into the garden room and Cal is dancing by herself. It is… weirdly suggestive. I am horrified.]

Hey bud – what are you up to?

I’m dancing. It’s K.’s dance, from school.

Oh, I see. Your friend K. does this dance at school?

Yep. [Keeps dancing – I am terrified.]

Can we talk a minute?

Yep. [Comes over, sits down.]

Mummy. Is this one of those things that makes you sad?

Yes, it is. This dance looks too grown-up for a little girl. 

[And by ‘grown-up’, I mean something that would not be out of place next to a pole. But I stop talking before I say it.]

You know, like some clothes are too grown-up, and some books are too grown-up… there’s just so much time, and I wish little kids could just be little kids, you know?

Oh. [Big smile] Like the big girls at the dance recital. They had different dances. Big Girl dances.

That is exactly right.

I will be a little kid for a while, Mummy, so I will not do that dance anymore.




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