On beside manner #2.

[I am the patient again, and no longer a fish. Lying on the floor, waiting for medical attention.]

Hello. My name is Dr. English.

Hello, Doctor. Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?

Yes. You are in the hospital and you have been injured in an accident. You are going to be okay, but you do have many injuries which I am going to fix.

Sounds good.

Now. I am going to unwind this bandage and place it on your injuries. It may hurt just a little bit. Not a lot, and you will be ok.

Wow. Thank you for the advance warning, that was kind of you.

It will help you to be brave. [She says this VERY seriously, and grabs some gauze.]

Now. I need to put this gauze on another of your injuries. Are you ready?

Yes, I am. Pascale I think you should give a lecture at medical schools about bedside manner – yours is very, very good.

What’s medical school?

It’s where you go if you’d like to study to be a doctor.

Oh. I would like to go there, but I would be the student. [Beat.] Not the teacher. [Looks at me very seriously.] I am three.


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