On playing shop. For the first time ever.

Here are the stuffed friends I have to sell. [Pascale indicates an array of animals.]

Wonderful. I am interested in this one. [I point to the platypus.]

That is Mr. Darwin. He’s a puppet. Would you like to try him out?

Yes, please. [I put on the puppet.] He is delightful. How much does he cost?

3 dollars.

That seems very reasonable. [I dig in my pocket for imaginary money.]

Oh, but Mr. Darwin likes to read about animals. His favourite book is How Animals Work. Would you like to buy that, too?

That sounds very sensible, and a shockingly excellent up-sell, if I may say. How much is the book?

Two dollars.

Ok – so how much do I owe you all together?

Um. [Pulls up hand, counts on fingers.] 1  2  3 for Mr. Darwin. And 4  5 for the book. That’s 5 all together, please.



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